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Alison is truly one of a kind! She is the best dog trainer I’ve ever known. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable, and truly understands how to motivate dogs and modify behavior through patience, consistency, thoughtfulness and respect. My large puppy was stubborn, independent and a very selective listener. At 85 pounds, he was destroying the house and pulling on the leash, making walks miserable. Nearly at my wit’s end, Alison’s positive, experienced and supportive approach taught me how to transform my destructive puppy into a much happier dog. Alison’s upbeat approach to training, coupled with tried and true techniques proved that positive reinforcement and activities where my dog was learning in a fun and engaged manner, were extremely effective. I just can’t say “thank you” enough!


We are so lucky we found Allison! My boyfriend and I adopted a German Shepherd, Missie, who had been through a lot of trauma and abuse. Because of this, she was a very anxious dog. When we got her, she was on tranquilizer at night so she didn’t harm herself. Once Missie got comfortable with us she started being reactive to dogs. Thankfully we found Allison! Allison taught us ways we can be better for Missie and how to handle and control her anxiety. We were able to do group classes with other dogs and even have Allison bring Missie to her house to socialize with her dogs. Missie now is a confident happy dog, yes she still has anxiety, but we are able to control it and work with it. I can not recommend Allison enough. Not only do we love her, but Missie does too! One of Missie’s favorite things was her weekly walks with Allison.

– Lea

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